Energetic Heaiing, Spirituality & Accompaniment

The Healings - in person or at a distance - as well as the accompaniment and the various other activities proposed are intended to improve the state of Being on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level, participating in a deeper knowledge of oneself and a more fulfilled existence.


Who I am


Hello to all of you.

I am Stéphane Hebert, bioenergeticist and accompanist installed in Souillac (Lot, Occitanie).

Thanks to a natural ability, I offer Energetic Healing - also called "Spiritual Healing" or "Magnetism", according to the sensitivities of each one - in person or remotely, as well as guidance operating on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

My intimate conviction - nourished by my experience and the healings delivered for many years - is that we are first and foremost beings going far beyond - if I dare say - a physical body animated by the mind. Thus, when the right intention is set in harmony with the right gesture, it is possible to interact with the subtle realities that we are made up of in order to better conscientize, enlighten, understand, unravel, relieve, alleviate - but also and above all - sublimate our "Earthly adventure."



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