Spiritual Care

Thanks to a natural ability - or Gift - I offer Spiritual Care to people wishing to improve their state of Being on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

My practice is based on a holistic vision of Life, taking into account the material and subtle aspects of the earthly experience.

If Faith is at the heart of my approach, it is important to specify that Spiritual Care operates independently of one's own belief systems - or even non-belief - and is not accompanied by any proselytism.



In a few words, a Spiritual Care consists in transmitting a healing and benevolent "information" coming from subtle planes of existence more spiritually advanced, some would say more "luminous". Information that - when authorized and welcomed - accompanies the person in a dynamic of repair, relief, cleansing, clarification, understanding, appeasement, and taking back control of their life.

Thus, I consider myself as a channel or more prosaically, as a "relay antenna" in charge of hearing and accompanying the person in the activation of a recovery process, in the broadest sense of the term.

It is in this sense that, beyond the dogmas and pitfalls of spirituality, I like to speak of Spiritual Care in order to respect its Sacred origin.



Just as we control the movements of the body with a simple thought - which is already wonderful in itself - a Spiritual Care is based on Faith, the emission of a pure and right intention, and the reception of an Energy acting positively on the material and subtle "realities".

This Energy carries within it information of harmonization, balancing, regeneration, cleansing, unblocking and awareness of the Self participating in an improvement of the condition.

Important point, a Spiritual Care works as well in person as at a distance.



In essence, Spiritual Care has the potential to positively affect the health of any living being, people of course, but also animals and plants. It also has the virtue of helping to become aware of a potential message underlying a condition. If necessary, accepting this message while taking action in the matter contributes to long-term relief.

It also allows for a "clearing" in case of parasite of the subtle bodies, as well as to cleanse places said to be "charged" with energies considered as negative.

Usually, an improvement of the condition is noted after one to three sessions spaced one week apart. However, certain problems may require a longer period of support, if the person so wishes.

In this regard, I must specify that no promise of results can be made.

Even with equivalent problems, the effectiveness of a Spiritual Care is never acquired "a priori" and can vary in intensity according to the individuals and situations. As I explained, the process of care does not belong to me and if Man "proposes", it is indeed Heaven that "disposes".

Finally, there are no contraindications to receiving Spiritual Care, since it does not involve any physical contact, manipulation of the body or other substances.



I receive in person, at the office or at home, as well as by video call since Spiritual Care also works remotely.

A session lasts about an hour, during which we talk about your problem before proceeding with the treatment. You then lie down comfortably while I position my hands a few centimeters from your body.

In case of a long-distance appointment, after our meeting, please find a quiet place to lie down and organize yourself so as not to be disturbed during the following hour.

Music Therapy

The music therapy sessions, also called "sound baths", bring a moment of well-being and relaxation that can go as far as healing or spiritual experience thanks to the vibrations and frequencies emitted by the instruments.


What is Music Therapy?

While the concept may be challenging, sounds played or sung in a therapeutic context and mystical transcendence have always accompanied humanity.

Here are some examples:

  • The Yikadi, better known as the didgeridoo, has been used as a healing tool by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years.
    In ancient Egypt, priests chanted using vowels in a specific order, played ultrasonic instruments such as the Sistra, and used the carefully designed acoustics of temples to amplify the sound of ceremonies.
  • The mathematician Pythagoras, discoverer of the laws of harmony on which all modern music is based, considered that "music has an ethical and medical value". A music which, "by means of certain melodies and rhythms, produced cures in the traits of character and the passions of men, brought back harmony between the faculties of the soul". It was about calming the psyche, anger and aggression.
  • The Icaros of the traditional healers of South America are songs that accompany the healing ceremonies based on the entheogenic drink Ayahuasca. These songs have different functions, including calling up the healing energies of Nature (Pachamama).
  • The ritual melodies and drums of the shamans of Northern Asia and the healers of Africa or America, plunge the participants into a modified state of consciousness in order to enter into a relationship with the healing spirits, in addition to the mystical experience.
  • Indian temples carved into the rock and whose prayer room has a gong embedded in the ceiling, diffuse deep harmonies and vibrations thanks to the resonance of mantras.
  • The gongs and singing bowls of the Tibetan monks, once in resonance, produce frequencies conducive to introspection, meditation and cleansing of the body.

Thus, sound and music - which are vibrations and frequencies, and therefore energy - have this admirable ability to bring... harmony into our lives.


Relaxation, Meditation, Letting go...

In concrete terms, the frequencies generated by instruments such as the gong and the singing bowls enter into resonance with our physical (at least 60% of the latter is made up of water) and subtle bodies, with results that may surprise even the most skeptical.

While each person's experience is unique in terms of intensity and effects, here are some of the most common ones felt: help for meditation, relaxation, anchoring, centering, balancing, calming, stress relief, inner journey, liberation of traumatic memories and emotional knots allowing to start a more personalized work.

Note that the effects can be felt immediately as well as several days after a session.


How does a music therapy session work?

Sessions take place in the office while participants lie comfortably on the floor, the room immersed in a subdued atmosphere. Feel free to bring your own pillow for comfort, as well as a travel mask to put over your eyes for better immersion.

A session lasts about an hour, but it is advisable to allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the session to fully integrate the experience, quietly and without haste.

Sessions can be private, public or booked by a group.