Some testimonials to better understand my approach.

Stephane's treatments were spectacular on an energetic and psychological level 2 years ago, it was really amazing.

He also taught me basic principles/techniques to take care of myself and reprogram my energy capital towards positive vibrations. I have since progressed, and when I relapse I call on him again. The result was not as obvious as 2 years ago but I know that it is up to me to make this path, to raise my vibratory rate, suffering from chronic lyme EHS leading to many aches and pains and deep loneliness, there is work that I find difficult to pursue alone, I sometimes have serious physiological and depressive relapses, which I manage a little better and when I need a boost to restart I call on him, he always responds present.

This man is generous, deeply human, humble, without judgment, and a good listener.

Even though we lived in the same country, the same city Kampot in Cambodia, maybe we even met without knowing it, but we only got in touch once I was back in France, life is so strange sometimes and I only dream of one thing: to meet him and follow a music therapy session with him.

Thank you Stéphane.


When I met Stéphane in Cambodia in 2018, I was in the process of mourning several loved ones and had a hard time getting my head out of the water.
I was able to confide in Stéphane who has a great ability to listen and over the course of the conversations, I felt that he could help me to untangle the tensions and soothe my pain.
This was achieved during an individual session, where I felt a release and a release of pressures.
Close, but nevertheless withdrawn, he let me walk and accompanied me in this process of relief.
With his deep personal experience, he possesses this fluid, this energy which allows those around him to free themselves from the weight of the past.


I have been doing a few sessions with Stéphane and it has changed my life. On the spiritual path of finding myself, he helped me look deeper and accept what was there.
Through his healing sessions and music therapy, I faced the real ME and embraced it. It feels so good and so right! Thank you Stéphane.


I was lucky enough to be able to do a treatment with Stéphane in person. Time stops for an appointment with SELF. Stéphane takes the time and a particular care to exchange, to capture our resonance. We feel the opening, the relaxation of some channels before moving to the energy journey. The introduction / exchange was just as important to me as the care itself. There is no judgment, the benevolence of Stéphane permeates our exchange. Once the evils or knots targeted, we set an intention together, a goal and then we go on the care. For having already done several treatments, which is very nice is that we feel that Stéphane and the around, reassuring, light. During this treatment I feel that I have really been connected with myself, traveling in my body and mind, looking at some of my fears, accepting them, going beyond them, to finally realize that behind a fear there is has joy and pride, etc ... The care of finishes. I feel a relief, a lightness. The following days are in the same tone, the intention is always there and resonates in me. To me now to maintain it .... A beautiful meeting with Stéphane and myself. Many thanks...


Thank you Stéphane for the care that you provided to me. In fact the life is incomparable between before and after ... I can now taste a serene existence .. I feel happy and in peace .. Yet it is a long time since my anguish was eating at me and I did not think to find any other alternative than to live with .. Finally I intend well to maintain that with your advices .. I also intend to use your great availability to the listening .. Because there is this also which is considerable with you .. It is the listening, the real the beneficent and not compassionate .. I feel like sitting back against a tree connected to him .. Thank you again and see you very soon for the second stage of care...

Cecile Hinas

Stéphane is a really wonderful person.
thank you !


I highly recommend Stéphane, he has been a great help to me both with great humility. I am quite skeptical in nature but his care has had a very positive effect and I urge all those who doubt to try. Thanks Stéphane!


Hello Stephane and thank you again for the skype and care (...) The care went well, I just felt the first 2 or 3 minutes feeling cold in the legs and I even sneezed, it did not last, just a few seconds. Then nothing physical, a well being of Peace and inner calm. I thank you from New Caledonia. Pleasure to see you again!


I send you my second feedback to D + 8. I left myself some time to appreciate this change, maybe I should say these changes?

At my big toe, I do not hurt, my toe does not get stuck. I feel from time to time a gene because my walk has not yet fully fluid. I re-learn to walk and I certainly have some muscles that need training.

I thank you very much for your contribution in my evolution and I will get back to you for a next step.


Thank you Stéphane, this is the second time that I contact you and again your intervention, always done remotely, was very beneficial on the pain caused by my sciatica, net relief felt.

Moreover, I noticed 2 unexpected results:

1 ° I had received a heavy load on the toe gos, very big pain and black foot to the ankle, the pain did not disappear, but I found that the hematoma was completely gone in 2 or 3 days without going through the usual color ranges!
2 ° I suffer from a visual impairment called DMLA, which requires a monthly check, during my last examination, the ophthalmologist has noticed a clear improvement of my visual acuity.

For all this Stéphane, I am very grateful to you, your work has indisputable results, whether physically or psychically, I had no doubt, but I want to testify and I will not hesitate to return to you if I feel the need.

Your gift of transmission is a true wealth, especially preserve it.


The meetings are never accidental...
and the Universe, or whatever it is called, offered me a meeting with Stephane, whom I had already heard spoken by different people.
Because Stéphane is a human with multiple resources and he knows how to share them with humility and kindness.
He is the humble and empathic Transmitter of the essence of life that circulates in each of us.
During quite painful events in my life I took the step and made an appointment with him. Need some outside help, need not to mentalize but let go of my psychic and physical anxieties and bruises.
Immediately a climate of confidence is established, a discussion on the reason of my coming ...
and then the care begins. Already I feel soothed and without any fear I lie down on the carpet and I close my eyes, listening to my breath and the slight noises that surround me.
Then a pleasant smell comes to tickle my nostrils. Then... I let go completely by feeling my body from inside as a smooth internal exploration.
I feel intense heat in some parts of my body those are usually painful, I let go...
Plenitude settles in and I lose the notion of space / time.
I do not sleep I am in a relaxed state of sleep, I feel that "things" are happening inside me.
When the mind does not interfere too much listening to our physical sensations is an amazing experience… because it is very difficult to put words, that is why I testify of this feeling more than to describe the benefits that ensue .
That said, I felt in my daily life on the 2nd day, a clear improvement, precisely less in search of mental questions.
Let the energies get back in place in a more harmonious way without seeking explanations.
I waited a week to resume an appointment to anchor more deeply these benefits.
Because I also had the chance to live in the same city as him.
The second session was different, as they must all be if we remain without any particular expectation.
My body was dilating a lot more ... and I had a feeling much wider than my physical body, my limbs extended well beyond my physical body, tingling sensation of energy that goes beyond that forms a kind of enveloping cloud that disperses in space like drops of dew that evaporate after a hot rain when the sun shines again.
The results that ensued in my daily life were not spectacular but tiny, sensations that instilled in depth and lasting.
A big heavyweight had just taken another route than mine and that relieved me!
And still relieves me.
So how to speak of Stéphane ... he has the gift of being able to transmit energies that we do not name, energies that are benevolent because otherwise it would not pass through him.
He is the humble and empathic Transmitter of the essence of life that circulates in each of us.
Gratitude to this man who gives us... a lot.


I have repeatedly called on Stéphane, at different times in my life, in the past two years - ups and downs - and his care has always been a great help to me. I would even say that it is surprising! Listening, empathic, his work on energies is incredible. I was skeptical the first time, but I could only return because the results were there, concrete. In a serene, peaceful atmosphere, let yourself be carried away and you will be, I am sure, very pleasantly surprised! I can only highly recommend Stéphane, as much for his care as for his person!


For many years, I suffered from sciatica that was painfully inviting in my daily life, it manifested itself in a random manner and with more or less virulence.
The last crisis, particularly painful, started in April 2017, without interruption and I learned to accommodate myself ...
November 1st I contacted Stéphane who accepted to intervene remotely on my problem. And there, I will never thank you enough Stéphane, because following your care, the acute pain has disappeared and I do not limp, which changes my life. I will not fail to come back to you for other sessions which, I am sure, will eventually eradicate any pain.
I was open-minded about the energy that some people get, but I did not think a single intervention would be nearly immediate.
Thank you Stéphane for this well-being, continue to follow the path that allows you to help others with kindness and altruism, that it makes you happy.


Arrived in Cambodia with some small health concerns, I went back in good shape thanks to the good deed of Stéphane. Thank you for these very beneficial sessions.


On vacation in Cambodia in November 2016, everything was fine except sciatica that titillated me and thanks to Stéphane and his know-how, I was able to fully enjoy my stay without pain. Thank you.


Following recommendations from friends, I met Stéphane 3 times.
I had a scooter accident and I needed help to overcome this trauma. From the first session I felt immediately better, physically and emotionally. I was serene, calm, appeased. After only 2 days I went back on my scooter as if nothing had happened.
Two sessions later and my negative emotions have completely disappeared.
Stéphane is a sweet and pleasant person who immediately puts us at ease and in confidence. He is an excellent therapist always attentive and in kindness.


Thanks again for the work done together, it was the beginning of a whole process.


As promised I send you an email. I confess I cried a lot the day after our meeting.
I confided a lot to my boyfriend about my past.
I think I have released a lot of things.
Thanks again.


Hello Stephane! I feel very good ... A pain in my right wrist is gone. (...) In general I have felt much better.
Many thanks to you and I hope to see you again!


Do not hesitate to call him!! He helped us (all my family, kids include) when we had emotional or physical problems, and every time he came over it was a relief! Thanks for all Stéphane.


A little message to tell you that everything is fine for me and my hands! I relive by moving again and especially sleeping elsewhere! Thank you again for your precious help and for my hands that go wonderfully well and have not kept any mark!


Hello Stéphane, that's 2 days that I'm back and it's okay !! Always difficult at home, but I do not let myself overflow, great cleaning, and once arrived I removed an African mortuary tissue that I had in my room. Thanks again for everything.


Stéphane, thank you for relieving my son during his asthma attack. RAS since. Hope to see you.


I know Stéphane for nearly a year now and he was a great help for my husband and myself.
My husband had several weird symptoms (headaches, dyzziness, feeling that he was going to faint, pain in the chest and left arm...) but after running tests (blood samples, Xrays...) the doctors just couldn't find what was wrong with him. He had a few sessions with Stéphane and now he is perfectly fine! We still have no clue of what he had but at least now he is felling better and he can live normally!
About me, the first time I had a session with Stéphane was at my working place. I had lots of pain in my back that day and in only 20 minutes, he healed me! The next day I could move again and the pain never came back.
I used to work in agriculture before and I suffered for many years of a tendonitis. Every time I was doing repetitive movements the pain came back. So after Stéphane healed my back, I decided to ask him about my tendonitis. We had 3 sessions and I feel much better now. I think that I would need a few sessions more for the pain to totally disappear, but now I feel much less pain that before when doing repetitive movements.
For all the reasons above, I totally recommend you to ask him relieve your pain (emotional or physical). Stéphane is a good person who cares about what you are experiencing and does "magic" to heal and relieve you.


I wanted to share with you my feelings after the energy treatment you performed on me. And thank you a thousand times because after 15 days the result is more than positive: I always have a slight feeling especially during a strong sunshine but what I can say is that the sensation that was unpleasant before is now more than bearable. In any case, it is really better (...). I live the present moment more easily with less nostalgia regarding pleasant memories and less apprehension of the future. Thanks to you, I feel much more anchored in reality and the present moment. I feel the emotions a little more directly than before. It's very nice !
Thank you again for your help, it was a chance to cross your path. I hope you can help others find their balance again for a long time.


Hello Stéphane,
As agreed I send you the debriefing of our meeting.
We left the day after our interview. From there, I started to breathe better. Then it got better and better so far, it's the super shape!


I hope you are well! I just wanted to touch base and let you know I've had many dreams and profound moments with my inner child since our session. Thanks again for helping me find some balance and focus again!


Thank you Stéphane for these two beautiful meetings, they gave me a wind of energy, strength and confidence, necessary to face the future and hang important decisions. They brought me in the days that followed peace and serenity, with a certain height and hindsight I needed in my life! I hope our paths will cross a third time :)



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